More Than A Roof Housing has a staff of dedicated employees who bring a variety of skills, talents and expertise to our organization.  We look for people with an 'urban missionary' mindset - never hesitating to live in community with our tenants or to walk beside them and 'do life.'  Their care and concern for the tenants brings assistance to five key areas we are continually addressing as a society; poverty, functioning level, conflict resolution, networks of support, and overall health.


Head Office


Lorne Epp

Executive Director


Lee-Anne Michayluk

Associate Director


Forest Li

Director of Finance and Administration


Roxanna Flores

Administrative Assistant


Nery Flores
Accounting Assistant


Jim Loney

General Manager - Granville Mennonite Housing Society


Janet Ludlam

Property Manager


May Mah

S.I.L. Coordinator - 18th Street Community Care Society


Felix Perello

Program Coordinator - 18th Street Community Care Society


Resident & Building Managers


Ben Bauman

Associate Manager - Candela Place


Mikail Berg

Associate Manager - Karis Place


Evadney Chambers

Manager - Kindred Place


Emmanuelle Christie

Resident Manager - Charleswood Court


Jonathan Christie

Associate Manager - Sunset Towers


Bob Chubey

Weekend & Emergency Relief Manager - Dewdney Villas


Wayne Janzen

Associate Manager - Kindred Place


Linda Johnston

Resident Manager - Ospika Heights


Ion Roscoe

Weekend & Emergency Relief Manager - Dockside Village


Chris Lucas

Resident Manager - Churchhill Estates


May Mah

Manager - City Heights


Ben McNeilly

Associate Manager - Sunset Towers


Kate McPhadden
Associate Manager - Karis Place


Dave Mendez

Associate Manager - Karis Place


Christine Michayluk

Resident Manager - Dewdney Villas


Renato Moreno

Associate Manager - Sunset Towers


Don Olmsted

Associate Manager - City Heights, Kindred Place


Adelina Petta

Associate Manager - Sunset Towers


Jenn Rowe

Resident Manager - Lakepark Village


Nellie Salter
Associate Manager - Karis Place


Courtney Smart
Manager - Candela Place


Support Staff & Programs


Hannah Douglas

Kitchen Assistant - GMHS


Robert Kumbalavelil

Addiction Recovery Support Worker - Karis Place


Christine McWilliams

Community Support Coordinator - Family Sites


Jane Thomas

Addiction Recovery and Community Support Coordinator - GMHS


Hannes Tischhauser

Community Kitchen Program Coordinator


Christine Vicencio

Addiction Recovery Support Worker - Kindred Place



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